Web post help needed

Hi, everyone I was working on how to make dynamic links with post request but it gives me an error. But when post http request online using https://reqbin.com/ there was no problem.

Can anyone please help me.

Json -

Screenshots and blocks - -

Firebase api link - -


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Thank you for replying

Can anybody please help me with json and web.

Didn’t get you what you want… if you describe it little more i can try.
i am little bit familiar with web

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I am posting json with web post.But I am unable to http post json.

probably you have to Uri Encode your value… try the UriEncode method from the Web component…
in case this does not work, post a better readable screenshot of your relevant blocks…


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Found the problem which is problem with symbols like &,? and others. When I did http post with reqbin.com when is removed &,? and other symbols I got same error on reqbin.com (Same error I get in my app). So can you please help me to solve this problem because I don’t know how to fix it.

Web Url - -


Json that need to be Http Post - -


Thanks for your help I have found the solution that is I need to use URI decode of web component.

ok, great…
what about providing a screenshot of the working solution then?

Currently can’t provide because I am using kodular on mobile and from mobile, the screenshot non useful.

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