Weird Monetization Approval issues

So the issue is quite weird. I applied for monetization approval and it had been more than two weeks but there was no response. Then I got this :

wait 1 hour ago

and now another four days have passed and it is still showing me this. I need approval for this app. Can any staff member take a look. Maybe @Peter can help.

Moreover I am sorry to say that from past few weeks, the approval system is down and it takes a lot of time for approval and in most cases your app is rejected for no reason. I hope that :kodular: kodular staff will fix the issues soon as it is really necessary.

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The same is Happening with me

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Previously it took only a day to approve or reject but now it takes a lot of time but at the end there is still no result. Hope so the staff will fix it soon.


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same issue.

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Can you add more detail about your app ?

It can take upto 1 week sometimes. It depends on kodular staff I guess.

thats not the issue here. I had submitted the app and waited about two weeks and then I got this message which is quite not understandable

wait 4 days 16 hours ago

It doesn’t make any sense


It is telling you that from 16 hours ago you need to wait another 4 days. So in other words you need to wait 3 days and 8 hours from when you saw that message.

what you just said doesn’t make sense. I think it is more easier to say 3 days and 8 hours ago. Maybe it is an error.
Also kodular team needs to correct monetization aproved to approved

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16Days Completed. My app is not still monetized. May i know whom i have to address this issue.

My app is live on Google Play Store and the Facebook also accepted the monetization. When will my app get monetized.

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Then what’s the need for your app to be monetized?
If your app is on Play Store, you don’t need approval from Kodular.

The same thing is happening with me.

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Ads are not being displayed even though I got approval from face book. Then Kodular team itself should answer what is wrong then.


May be it because of Facebook older sdk version so that your ads wouldn’t show in your app.


As you said, your app is live on :google_play:
Therefore you don’t need approval from Kodular!
If your app isn’t showing ads,

If you're using FB ads

Your FB ads are having some problem or its Bcoz of the SDK…

If you're using Admob ads

Just see the error message and search in the community.
Almost all error messages are asked b4.
If it doesn’t help, contact the Admob team itself.

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My other apps developed a year ago are displaying ads.

I am using facebook ads

I’m facing the same problem and the reason is old SDK version

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How did you know that

It may be the reason,

even my older application that is in play store shows ads properly, but recently I published a new app and it doesn’t show any ads like you

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