What functions and properties should i add to component for my next extension?

Hey Guys,
I am developing a new extension Component Function where i am adding functions like:

  1. To detect the Position of component
  2. To change the opacity of component
  3. To add the border in component
  4. To set rotation of the component

I made this so far:

Are there any other functions for components, you wanted me to add to this extension before launching?
Reply if you wanted me to add any other functions so that I would make a good extension with rich functions.

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Maybe you didn’t know this extension:

Same task, so it would be a lot easier if @Mohamed_Tamer would add a opacity method to his extension. Teamwork would be cool!.

Oh, I didn’t know that he has already made this type of extension. It seems he doesn’t have added the function of Shadow in component, Rotation, Opacity, and Border. I will call @Mohamed_Tamer to add these functions and will drop my project for this. Thanks for letting me know @Django_s_Android_App

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I know the border view is already created but what if an extension contains all those facilities, to set radius, to set shadows, paddlings in layout, etc. It was my plan to add all these facilities and functions in a single extension but According to Django, There is a similar type of extension already built. I am dropping this project for now and ask to @Mohamed_Tamer to add similar facilities.

Thanks for the reply @luv.ak.tech .