What is gotvalue block in tinywebdb?

I am new at kodular so,
if you think that this question is very silly then sorry for that but i am new :grin: :grin:.

i was started to make an app which stores user data from screen1 and then display those data in screen2 and don’t tell me why you not use firebase.

i was already learned about tinydb but never use tinywebdb so i was started to learn it and tinywebdb is little bit different from tinydb.

my app screenshots :

blocks screenshots :

blocks (1)

aia file - App_Testing.aia (12.2 KB)
apk file - :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

anyone can tell me how to use gotvalue

Tiny db used in screen1 can not be used on screen2 to call data.

You have to transfer that data with start value by calling it on screen1.

Use open another screen with start value block and in start value use make a list block.

And in make a list block add tiny db1 get value blocks for all 3 tags.

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lets try it :+1:

where is start value block i am not found it on tinywebdb components
:thinking: :thinking:

sorry The_K_Studio i find it :+1:

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Oops i thought you are facing problems regarding tiny db. But it is tiny web db. I also never used it.

But i think you need web hosting to use tiny webdb.

TinyDB can be accessed from any part of app :grinning:

TinyWebDB works very similar to Firebase but it has very few features unlike Firebase.
GotValue event is raised when components gets value from database.


Ohh… okay.

i am not using tinydb, i am using tinywebdb it is a method not a property

Sorry my mistake…i thought tiny db :sweat:

It works same as like firebase database. When tiny web db got value you will get tag and value.

You have to connect tinyweb db to the server.

Read Kodular Docs.

in TinyWebDB there is a GotValue event, because as for all online databases it takes a little bit until the result is provided

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