About firebase when I came

About firebase When I stored data from the first screen, I also saw the data response on the first screen, but when I came to the second screen, whenever the label asked for data, the label used to display the response value looked It ’s gone. I ’ve tried it all morning. Who can help me? I did it from another complete aia tutorial, but this is the problem in my application.

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Check the Bucket name, Tag & everything once again…
Also check firebase link…
Because if you used any of this wrong you will never get the value…

Thank you for your reply, I’m sure no problem still exists

One more can you also post screen 1 blocks that how you set values & open the screen


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Try to use tinydb

I do n’t know where to use tinydb to find a website to register for a link

What Data Do You Want To See At The second Screen Is It The Phone Number Or The name And What Label Did you use to show the value

I want to use the mobile phone number as the label and the name as the data, because the mobile phone number will be a globally unique number used as a label to obtain user data, and I want both to be displayed on the screen

I Think What You Meant By Label Is Tag (Correct Me If Im Wrong)
If You Want To Show Both (The Number And The Name) You Should Put Two Label Component
One Of The Label Should Contain The Tag
And The Second Label Should Contain The Value

But I use the mobile phone number when the label should not be wrong because the number is only unique

what is r tinydb?

Sorry Can You Tell Me About The Problem In More Simple Sentence To Understand, You Can Post In The Language That You Understand. Because It Seems Like You Are Saying Same Things Again And Again

TinyDB Is A Component In Kodular That Is Like Firebase But The Different Is TinyDB Can Only Store Data In The Same Device (Not Globally) It Is Usually Used To Access Tag/Variable From One Screen To Other Screen

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You didn’t know tinydb then please learn basics of appinventor from taifuns website and read docs of kodular for tinydb