Whatsapp Tool text repeater

With WhatsApp Android App , you can:

• Convert Normal Text To Emoji Text

• Repeat Text To Unlimited Time On One Click

• Send Direct watsup Message Without Save Number

• Send Direct Watsup Message With Text

• Send Blank Message On Any Social Media

• Save Whatsapp Status Photos

• Save Whatsappp Status Videos

• Mirror , Flip and Reverse Any Text

• Change Normal Text To 17 Different Stylish Text

• One Click Message Share

• One Click Copy Text

• Auto Play Whatsapp Status

Keen Tool Features:

Ordinary Text to Emoji Text: Simply Type Normal Text and Choose Your Emoji Then Your Text Convert Into Emoji Text. Means if type An and Click on Convert A make with Lots of emoticon.

Content Repeater: Simply Type your Text Then Put Number of time you Want to Repeat and pick new line or not then it naturally rehash your content.

Coordinate Message: Some Time We Want Check Only This Number on Watsup or not. Or then again some time we need send message to somebody without spare their number, so there is an approach to do this. Just info content and tap on send if these number on watsup then it open in watsup protection or if these number isn’t on watsup at that point indicate number isn’t on watsup. Additionally You Can Enter Number and Message Both Them Smart instrument Redirect you to watsup talk with this message.

Clear Message: on the off chance that you need to stun somebody, at that point this is a most ideal way. You Can Send Blank Message to Anyone to Shock His/Her. Basic Choose new line or not then choose Number of spaces then you can essentially share or duplicate this.

Status Saver: When You like Some One watsup Status and If you need this then what you do? Essentially content to those individual to send the photograph or video to you. In any case, Now No compelling reason to do this since you can spare watsup Status Photo and Video specifically to exhibition. Basically Click Download symbol To Save Status in Gallery No Data Consumptio

Switch Flip Text: If you need to trick somebody then you can trick any one with this component Simply Enter Text and Smart Tool naturally transform it to 3 differnt type. Its look like Crazy.

In vogue Text: Simply Enter Normal Text and Smart Tool Change It to 17 Different Text Style. It Look Like Different Fonts But Without Installing Any Font In Your Device.


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Nice Design

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wheres the AIA link

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It’s developed by other person

Why you post it on your name ?

Do check out my app : Instagram Video Downloader

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sir I tried links but both open a apk link no AIA

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I request @Peter or @Boban to delete this topic when I click download aia file its open a advertisement website and it is showing 18+ content


Unfortunately there was no 18+ content however, links removed due to advertisement website…

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