Which image database is better and do you have these two options?

Guys I need to know if there is an image database that I can use in kodular and that allows me to do the following:

1- Upload images.

2- Receive images.

3- Delete images.

I want them to allow these actions to be done using blocks.

I hope cloudinary will be convenient to you


Did you try Default experimental cloud storage?

go to creator page>setting>enable experimental components

Hi, thanks for your response.

I have been testing cloudiary and it works very well, the problem is that it does not meet my third condition: Delete photo and since I want to do it from a block, the plugin does not allow it.

Do you know if there is a solution for this?

Did you try the destroy method mentioned in the documentation?


Hello, thanks for your contribution, I have not tried it.

Right now I study the document you shared.

Wou apparently if it is possible to delete the uploaded images, but now I don’t know how to implement it in kodular.

Do you have any idea how?

No… let me try it for you but now but busy with personal work

Quiet I understand.
I would appreciate your help friend.
I remain attentive with your answer.