Why do we need approval for Amazon ads on the Amazon Developer platform?

as the title inquires… why do we need ad approval for apps to be put on the amazon developers platform? why not allow apps on amazon like you allow on google play without approval? their are amazon ad blocks on the platform but yet we cannot use them on amazon unless being approved…?

I think it’s because Google / Admob run their own checks beforehand.

what does that have to do with amazon? is kodular owned by google? no.

they have amazon ad components so why the need for approval to put ads on amazon?

It’s the rules unfortunately. They’re very unlikely to change. Kodular need to ensure that apps are good quality before they can approve ads for them.

lol if that was true then why no approval for ads on google? amazon is a trusted and secure network why can they do they same thing they do for google for amazon?

i understand they dont want you to put ads on your app and share your app on different platform that go again google policy for their ads.

but this is amazon ads and amazon has its own platform and amazon is not some unknown company.

they should have the similar code for amazon so users can put their apps there without approval!

It’s not that Kodular trusts Google or that Google trusts Kodular.

If you upload an app to Google Play and it has ads in it then Google / Admbob will check the app. So there is no need for Kodular to check anything. If Google allow an earning app to pass their quality control review then it’s Google’s fault and they can’t blame Kodular.

However, Amazon does not have a similar system. Pretty much any app (within their TOS) can be uploaded to the Amazon App Store. This means Kodular has to check the app to make sure it’s not an earning app. This is to prevent earning apps, spam apps etc getting through and giving Kodular a bad name.

im no genius in coding…

but im sure there is a way to be able to detect amazon code when the app is uploaded and if the code is not detected then the ads are disabled…

does amazon attach any code to the app before they let it on their platform?
that will be the question!

and if so, they can use that code to allow amazon ads on amazon ap store without approval!

We can talk about it all day but in the end Kodular want to protect their reputation. It’s bad for business if people pump oit earning apps by the bucketload.