Why does my dynamic cards have big spaces between them?

Before I posted this, I’ve tried changing stuff the whole day and still wasn’t able to get rid of the spaces. I’m trying to make a notepad (yes it might be simple to some but not to others :sweat_smile: ).

The first card you see in the screenshot is NOT A DYNAMIC CARD and the space next to it is normal, but the next cards are dynamics and they make spaces after them. How do I get rid of those huge spaces? Is there something missing/wrong on the setting of properties or something?

Why won’t you use set card padding component present in the dynamic card view


won’t it just adjust the space inside the card? (the space from the edge of the card to the edge of the contents inside the card)

Sorry I misread :grin::grin:

Are you trying to get something like 2 card view in a row
Like this

not really. I just want it to be in 1 row without big spaces in between.

(The 2 rows looks good too, just like my built-in Notes. I will try that too on another project after this one.)

This :point_down: might provide some help


thank you! this is what I’m looking for.

(Looks like I was searching for the wrong keywords that’s why I was not able to get that result)

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I tested it on dynamic cards and it shows an error. Looks like it’s not built for dynamic components :pensive:

Okay, after a few more attempts, I found out the cause. It’s not a missing setting or a wrong setting.
It’s the Vertical Scroll Arrangement. When a dynamic card is inside it, the dynamic cards makes huge spaces below them which is not the case if you place them on a regular Vertical Scroll.

Unless Kodular makes a way to modify the margins of a dynamic component, this will be the temporary solution:

Another work around:
place a Vertical Arrangement inside the Vertical Scroll Arrangement.
then place the dynamic cards inside the Vertical Arrangement, not directly into the Vertical Scroll.

as shown in the screenshot, I placed a Vertical Arrangement (Red Background) which is inside the Vertical Scroll.

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