WHy it Showing False?

I Want to compare variable With text and its showing false Instead showing true because both value are same

remove the ( ) and see if it works. Else you have to show where you variable is coming from. Giving as much info as possible is always important.

no same problem with package_name_lbl.Text Block I Already try to remove ( )

Try to use compare block from Text section in block editor instead of that green ‘=’ box

Image source: Kodular docs

In this case they will respond the same

Still wondering what is that global value that is compared?

You have /n in your global

NO I DOnt have

Oops, you’re right, second guess your global is a list…

no my global value is (not_activate)


Try to see if is a list or not

It’s a list

Btw, @appdeveloper547 this is how you remove bracket


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Then why they are provided seperately? Just provide any one because they do the same job for this case.

They are different but in my test they react the same. The compare block does this:

A string a considered lexicographically greater than another if it is alphabetically greater than the other string. Essentially, it would come after it in the dictionary. All uppercase letters are considered smaller or to occur before lowercase letters. cat would be > Cat.

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