Woocommerce integration

Hi w hi i want to create an app that allows me to manage woocommerce orders, create them a new order, see new orders. how can i make woocommerce communicate with the app? thanks

Welcome. Why not give more info. What is woocommerce? How does it work? Is there an api available? Are you allowed to do that? What have you tried? etc etc.


But What how will you sell products in this quarantine time?
Are you selling digital products?

Check this. Page…

Hello Dear Peter,

I have a shopping web site called “https://eyabis.com” i also want to create an app what they said in above. According to woocommerce docs;

I created the API KEY, but i cant get data from my site… how should i do ?

What did you try? Did you do any Get or POST using Kodular blocks? Some error ?


I want to get my product’s images,price,description by using json.
Here is the my blocks what i tried. I am getting invalid list of pairs error.

Maybe …

that way I got all the tag ids…

Whats happen in your Result ,?

i had invalid list of pairs error, and i dont know how can i fix… i will try your method.

Did You check your Response Content ?

Friend , Json are all the same … did you try what I showed you? I’m not at the computer. Put this JSon in an online tool that formats it. So you will see the structure of object arrays tags.

I tried what you shared. I got runtime error, and try again, when i click the button did not opened anything.

Did you understand what json is? Did you understand how dictionary commands work?
" " { } “[ ]” :

I read all documents… but kodular are very hard to complete JSON. I am not a coder. I dont understand everthing.

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