You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate?

First, sorry about my english.

  1. i create my app in mit inventor, register and upload to CHPlay.
  2. in mit inventor, i export my app to aia, import to kodular, and update to CHPlay, but i got error
  3. i have the old aia in mit inventor, i have key in my CHplay account (upload_cert and deployment_cert). How i use new aia file (kodular) to update my app in CHPlay ?
    Thank you very much, and sorry about my English.

Did you add your app in Firebase Google using your Gmail id?

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yes, i haveCapture

in mit inventor, i export apk, and i can update my app in CHPlay.
in mit inventor, my pakage name is “appinventor.ai_phamduyhoang1982xxx”, when import to kodular, i change pakage from io.kodulaxxx to * appinventor.ai_phamduyhoang1982xx", thats all, but i cant update my app in CHPlay.

What is this?

i mean Google play

Package name is not a problem… I hope you missed something… how many screen or blocks you r using in app? Is your app working fine in companion mode?

Did you download your Keystore from App Inventor and uploaded to Kodular

No, i dont download and dont upload keystore.
But in Kodular, i added extension, side bar menu … etc …

That’s why you have signing issue.

Make sure to create a backup of Kodular keystore

Then download App Inventor keystore and upload/overwrite Kodulars keystore

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Thank you Boban and Gowri SankaR very much, now i can update my app in Google play, thank you very much.

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