Your Kodular Account is still at risk of suspension

What’s wrong with Admanager? My app is NOT flooded with ads. And I don’t click on my own ads. Please help me, where is my application error?

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Same almost users got this mail…

Dont know what we have to doo…

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Yes, I have also received the email. I have now given up with Google Admanager. Waiting for my account suspension so that I will move to different Ad network.

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This is just how Kodular blackmail their Ad manager users except solving inventory issue etc

The screenshot should probably explain the problem. You might have used too many ads in your app that give users a bad experience. Why flood your app with ads, users are more likely to uninstall your app if so.

This is not fair i also got this warning in my app i show ads only on listview click… Only this way iam showing ads…

Only one Interstial ads in one screen​:+1:t2: how this effect user experience??

If i avoid this listview click ad show then were did we show ads??

This same mail received almost all users…

All are getting same mails

What will kodular block? Google admanager or kodular account so it can’t make apps anymore?

If anything gets blocked, it would be the Google Ad Manager Child Account (in other words, the agreement between you and Kodular to use Kodular ads through Google Ad Manager).

If any of you would like to know which apps are affected, please post here your child network codes.

Can you pleasw check my apps

Could you please open message for me?

My child Network 22666317467. Please check

The last email you received probably explain the problem better.
If you want to share the app I can have a look to see if I find any problem. One common problem is when you place ads not taking in consideration some situations that cause invalid clicks or some phone sizes.

Affected Apps:

  • com.candyredis.rdeveloper
    • I’ve seen a Banner Ad placed at the top of the screen. Banner ads are intended to be placed at the bottom.

The other affected apps are com.muhammadrobi.EXAMBROPRO2022 and com.muhammadrobi.EXAMBROFREE2022.

I updated the app last month after kodular sent email. There is no banner on top of my app’s third screen. Please check again @Diego


Can you please reply my effected issue and effected apps in private?

My Child network : 22774659431

I believe the problem is that even if you updated the app, some users didn’t.
That’s why in my apps I have a procedure in initialize screen that check firebase real time database tag “force update” and if content = true the app is redirected to a screen that informs the user that he must update the app to keep using it. And the only option is to open playstore to update the app.

This will help not only in this specific situation but in many others where you can’t allow the user to keep using the app without update.

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Are you using Ad Manager?
Is there anyone who is making significant amount in Ad Manager & have not received email from Kodular?

Lol, in my case the earning is way way below significant amount…yet I am continuously receiving these emails. So basically in 0.2 or 0.3 $ per day earning, Admanager thinks that there are lots of spam clicks. :joy: