Monetization Issue

Hey, I received an email from kodular about spam score. Can anyone from kodular explain this?
Anyone else who has received this email.

We have sent an email to a few users as Google notified us from issues in their account regarding the Spam Click score. All the details should be in the email, and not taking any action to address the issue may result in getting your child account suspended.

How will i know if changes made had a positive effect on this issue?

We’ll monitor the scores and let you know if further action is required in the upcoming weeks.

Yesterday only, i have changed epcm from 0.8 to 0.5. I hope this will improve the score.
I have messaged you. Can you reply there?

No, it won’t. As the email states, the issue is with the app design, not with any ad configuration.
Click Spam is caused because of ads placed in wrong positions in a malicious way. You have to change the placement of your ads, otherwise the score will be unaffected.

I have also received this email, but I’m not sure how to identify the source of the problem or where I can monitor it. I’m uncertain which app has been affected.

Additionally, could it be possible that the user’s activity is only concentrated in one month of the year, making it appear anomalous?

I have also received the email. But I can’t find anything wrong with my apps.

This data is recent, it has been generated within this year.

There is no “clear indicator” on where is the problem (i.e., you won’t find you have to change this Screen or this Ad). If you have placed too many ads or in wrong positions, you have to fix that.

Yes, the recent activity is in January and February. It is an app of one event located in these months, after March the activity will go down.

Sorry, what exactly do you mean? What’s that event?

Ya i also got mail but iam only showing ads on list view click & no ad failed to load block in my app then what is the issue??

Our CTR (Click through rate) should be less than 5% or what score you are talking about?

as per vishwas we should follow the Admob policy in placement Ads in AdManager. maybe Google Bot sent you email. they sent emails but do nothing productive. their warnings should be ignored as they ignored all developer’s issues.

Google’s system always detect such issues without any solid prove they even dont provide details. please share the Googke email with us. if you can! as we are a part of kodular. thankyou

The issue is not linked to this block. You can still violate the policies by showing two banners on a screen, for example, or by showing an interstitial on too many interactions.

As far as we know, this is an internal score that Google uses to measure valid clicks. It’s not visible, but if it gets too high, your account may end up getting suspended due to invalid traffic.

ok thanks. but seems all of us received the same email from kodular side. maybe there is issue with Ad Components which kodular alter and added eCPM floors. before tht there No such issue rasied by google, and issue should be with specfic users not all should receive the email.

by the way who will suspend our Child accounts? kodular or Google?
if kodular will suspend then please ignor google warning maybe they sent you 1 email and you sent that email to everyone. we are with ADManger since August,2021.

if google will suspend our Child Accounts then let it be. we will find the alternate Adnetwork.

I’ve already explained this in a previous post. The Click Spam issue has NOTHING to do with actual revenue or any settings in the inventory.
This issue originates in the way ads show in your app, how you place them. If a click is considered spam, its independen of its value, either it generates $0.01 or $100.00.

On a normal scenario, the accounts may end up getting suspended automatically. But because of using Google Ad Manager, we were notified earlier to avoid the suspension, so users can take action and modify ad placements.

ok deigo thanks for clarification. so google will suspend our accounts in case we voilate any policy & Kodular have nothing to do with our Child accounts suspensions. am i right?

If you get any score details on your dashboard then please configre it for us, sp we can check it time to time.

This score is internal, we don’t see it, sorry. The only thing that we can help with is by providing the official policies, so you can adjust how and where you show ads in your app.

Thanks so kind of you diego. One thing more: Can you tell that Google has mentioned the email addresses of the child accounts, then you have emailed the specific users.

I guess since Kodular joined AdManager Partnership, No child accounts have been suspended yet. It can be felt that all the professional people have joined the monetization program.

Rest as Vishwas said, do ad placement as per admob’s policies, but wherever there is a wrong ad placement, please fix it for the safety of your account. Live Long Kodular!