Monetization Issue

I have a question, if the changes we make don’t take effect, will the admanager child account be deleted only or our kodular account as well?
Another thing, could applications with few users also generate slightly invalid traffic? Maybe folks it’s worth leaving only apps with a higher volume of users for now.

if you have between 500-1000 active installs on your app at least, then everything should go smooth. it is just a suggestion to keep on your save side.

It will be the Google Ad Manager account.

Yes, what matters for this issue is the rate, not the amount. You may have a high volume traffic app but with very few invalid clicks, and another app with less users but more invalid clicks. In this case, the smaller app is at higher risk than the higher volume one.

Few of us are shocked & worried. Almost we tried all Adnetwork. AdManager is easy to use.

But One thing: Can you tell that Google has mentioned the email addresses of the child accounts, then you have emailed the specific users.

But in my app i only shows one banner at a screen & one interstial ad at one screen…

I nerver click on my ads & iam using test ads on my device but unfortunately test ads are not working now it just shows blank space…

All my apps are working intetstial ads on listview click…is that wrong?? If it i will change ad show placement…

Where is the issue in our app & which issue we need to solve this is the main confusing point now

Finally it’s a time Kodular should bring back Admob components before Admanager stop giving better inventory to Kodular now they are acting like this

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Yeah , there was no such problem in admob.
Moreover, how come suddenly so many people over here are in the suspected list of admanager ?

Yes the users using from beggining from admanger also got mail…

We are also with kodular from the launch time of admanger & we all got the mail…

Don’t know what changes we have to do for this??

Before launching the ecpm floor banner and interstial works fine in my condition​:+1: my revenue loss after ecpm floor launched don’t know why…

i also got the mail and i think there is something wrong with ad manager

Can you tell that Google has mentioned the email addresses of the child accounts, then you have emailed the specific users.

i think they mailed every ad manager user as diego said selected people are ad manager user and those who are not ad manager user so they didnt got mails thats simple
it means everyone got mail who use ad manager @Diego

That’s not true.

Again recived the same mail…i changed all adplacement one app still update pending & all others are published…

Dont know what to doo. All other ad network are ok in my old and new placement dont know what is the issue in admanger

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i stopped using Google Ad Manager now. because i dont know the reason behind these mails. eveyone’s AdMob is linked to AdManager. Google may suspend your account for no reason.

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yes this is serious issue now my placement and all is ok i just showing ads on downloding time and it does not effect users expirence and i never click on my ads i always use test ads for admanager

what changes we have to do??

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Then what are you using in place of Ad manager?

Nothing is better than Google. but AdManager was the worst one. Using Google AdMob directly will be benificial i guess.

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Sooraj google also thinks that the tarffic from your users is invalid as well. in such case you have no chance left to prove your self innocent.

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But why google send mail to most of the user

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