Monetization Issue

deigo is not telling what google has spoke to them or from where he seen spam apps or invalid apps etc etc. please kodular share us the google mail you received about Admanger users

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one issue with my kodular account following recived 2 times from kodular.i was updated app with less ads and only one banner at a one screen but kodular take action on my account

Following mail received from kodular:-


This is an automatic reminder to fix the mentioned issues in your apps. If you have already taken action to address it, you may want to ignore this email.
Starting from next week, we will start manually checking your apps to see if there are any pending policy violations regarding Click Spam. Keep in mind that if we still find issues in your apps, your Google Ad Manager may be at risk of suspension.

Best regards,
Kodular Staff

On Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 5:44 PM Monetization Support [email protected] wrote:

Thank you for being a valued Kodular app developer using Google Ad Manager.
We are writing to you as we have identified a potential issue in your apps which are being monetized which needs to be addressed.

We have been notified that your current app designs are not compliant with the Click Spam policy. Your app is generating an above-average amount of invalid click activity, resulting in a high spam score.
This can be caused by several reasons, some of the most common are:
Intentional clicks
Your app encourages users to manually click on ads
Ads placed with bad faith
Your app is showing ads in a way that when the user wants to do an action, they misclick on the ad.
Too many ads
Your app is flooded with ads, making it hard for users to navigate through it (for example, triggering interstitial ads too often or showing more than one banner at a time).
If you want to learn more about this issue, we encourage you to visit this article from Google on how Spam Click may appear.

Because your spam score is too high, your account is at risk of termination. Please address this issue by modifying how you show ads in your app, making them less intrusive.
We will be sending a reminder email next week, but you may want to start fixing the issue right away. If we do not see any changes in your spam score within the next two weeks, your account will receive a warning and potentially end up being suspended.

Kodular Staff

Plz help me :pleading_face::pray::pleading_face:

Following links of my applications plz check it

1 Gloo Wall -

2 Redeem Codes -

3 FFF Skin Tools PRO

4.FF Emotes.

Plz review again :sob::pray::pleading_face:

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Currently @kodular is busy with collaborating with Ap inventor so they can’t help you as usual


How to fix? Please help me.

How to fix, Diego? Please help me.

@Diego we need to update app or anything else??

What about video ads & Facebook ads mediation?
I have tried my best to fix it.
Is there anyone who is making significant amount & not getting high spam score?
Revenue has gone down 6-7x in last 4-6 months.

The same here. I did the changes in my apps, but I got the same message again. I dont earn a huge quantity. I don’t understand it.