A Simple To Do List | Using Colin TreeListView extension

Hi Everyone. . .

Today while i was playing with this very cool extension Colin TreeListView . I made an app To Do List Which can keep records of your daily stuffs that you want to do on those perticular days. You can easily add or remove events from your list…

A big thanks to @ColinTree for this amazing extension.


:arrow_down: Download Beta Test APK

Note : The AIA of this app is paid if your want to buy the AIA. Kinldy PM me.


Nice Job Heres what I like about it

  • The Interface looks simple and nice (Make it where you can change colors)
  • Love the Time and date setup (Keeps things nice and organized)
  • It’s what I would use when I go shopping :smile::+1::chicken:
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Nice… UI is simple and good looking

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Nice work but dont post your email here, otherwise post will be flagged better edit it and remove email address, ask for pm contact

Ok… thanks for the info :smiley:

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Nice UI !
did you setup those checkboxes from the colin TreeListView extension?

If those are in ColinTreeListView, I can say those are images and OnClick image changes from empty box image to check mark image.
@help_cttricks Am I right?

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They are not checkboxes as @FahadAhmad says OnClick image changes from empty box image to check mark image. :wink:


BTW, idea is good :+1:


Good job. Wanted to know if your app connects to google calendar?

how much is your aia file
and how i buy it

Read the first post to see how you can get the aia file.

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@karimswitch Welcome to community you can pm him to get all the information you want.

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cool app. I have a question if you don’t mind?

is the title bar a real title bar or a horizental arrangement?

where can i download the extension? or the aia?

Please read the first post, it tells you there. However, the user hasn’t been active in some time so not sure if you’ll be able to get it.

I can’t find any aix download links. But I would suggest having a look at this:

I use this myself for my ToDo list.

Or if you need Colin TreeListView extension you can download it from


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Hi, how to buy the aia file?

The developer is not active in the community for more than 2 years. I doubt that he will respond