Admob Ads not showing in Exported app

Hi everyone…
I recently created an application in which Admob ads are not working…
When I test it by using Companion, they are working perfectly… BUT NOT IN EXPORTED APP
I searched it on Google but didn’t found any solution…
So, Please tell a solution for this!
I’ve also got approval from Kodular…
So what I’ve to do???
I’ve also created a Mediation Group in Admob today…Should I wait some time or do something else…
Please tell

show your blocks

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Do you got any error alert ? if not than this is not a problem sometimes admob give limited ads to users. You have to increase ad request by gain new users.

And can u share your admob dashboard screenshot in which request and impression shows

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Yes it showed "The Ad request was successful but no ad was returned due to lack of Ad inventory

If you got ads than why you create this topic ?

And if your app is new than i think you don’t use mediation group as

Mediation will use mediation groups to try to help maximize your revenue by ranking all the ad sources based on optimized performance.

Is your query solved or not ?

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I am getting ads in the companion only when I test it
But the error comes in exported app
That’s what I’m asking

As i said before what error you got ?
Is ads is not showing in your device only ? Or with all devices

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It showed “The Ad request was successful but no ad was returned due to lack of Ad inventory”

This error is coming on all devices

If your have that error, then your code is correct. Admob just doesn’t have any ads to display for your app (your country, your type of ads are determinants).

If you have just created your Admob account, it may take some times and some requests to deliver the first ads

This error has to do with the content of your app and how AdMob deals with advertisement inventory. Please search the Community as several users have asked this time and again. Unfortunately, there is not much we at Kodular can do about it; your best bet is to wait till Google’s algorithms crawl your app and start showing ads.

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But then why it shows in the companion
And I’ve created admob account 2or 3 weeks ago

Than it’s is also new wait for sometimes because as you put mediation group so that is personalised your ads according to user data and thier actions . Wait buddy for a month.

Because companion give ads for testing purposes

Thanx a lot…
I’ll wait for sometime
Should I publish it in this condition or later

Publish it

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Ok thanks for your advice

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