Admob Ads Problem

There are other monetization options also.
I am currently using StartApp Ads.It is working nice.I am happy from its fill rate.
Few days ago AppLovin extension was also released.
Try all that will increase monetization.

hey do you know any youtube video that describes full tutorial about facebook ads implementation in kodular ? like from scratch to showing ads ? actually am not that much familiar with facebok ads

@developer_calife There are a lot of videos on this topic! Here is one for you (Hindi) :

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Admob is getting too strict these days, i know Admob is better than Facebook but i suggest him according to my personal experience. I’m a Facebook ads user, Facebook is paying good money these days. And my mission is to destroy Admob ad network bcaz Once i redeemed 420$ from my Admob account first time, but they disabled my account without any reason and i didn’t got the money​:imp:

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@Yasir_Shakoor That’s really pathetic when you don’t get your hard earn money. :expressionless: