Admob is creating problems...Need serious help

So, this is not like other topics in the community where ads are not showing because of blocks or admob account mistake.
My app was displaying ads perfectly and I was getting daily impressions from 5k-20k. The daily earning was also 2-5$ but suddenly after a week or two of my account the ads disabled. The error code is 3. I know the error is because of inventory lack but I think there is something else. In one day the ad requests are dropped from 1000’s to 100’s. Including me hundreds of people are facing the same problem and no reply from admob.

I just want to know that have anyone experienced the similar problem or you can tell me any solution.

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The advertising companies change the algorithm on what content is served based on a variety of factors.

Just because ads showed up for a while and don’t now means a change has occurd

I have written about this several time.

Ads are delivered based on advertisers going to content poviders (ad networks), setting their criteria, and having the ads delivered. If the ads are not turning into profit, they will change the criteria.

What you are seeing is the providers of the general ads that could be displayed, have changed their criteria.

Only way to improve ad diversity and consistency is with variable content.


I am getting ad requests then why not a single ad is showing. Even I have implemented house ads to fill the lack but even my house ads are not showing and how can this problem happen to 100’s of people. Just check out the admob community.

Change of algorithm.

Look if you decide to advertise on a park bench, and you pay $100 a month to advertise on it, and you get no business, you STOP ADVERTISING.

Make your application more valuable so advertisers like the patrons you are bringing them.

If 100’s of people are complaining, that is because the #1 I mean the number one objective of the admob is to increase the quality of the audience, and to eliminate earning apps, and low quality earners.

Google is NOT a technology company. They are a marketing company. That is where their main money comes from, and they want to make sure that people who spend money on them allowing them to place their ads, know that they are doing a good job.

No one here can fix it… But you can. Make a better diverse content driven app.