Ads on kodular in google play


So I created an app with kodular and I added ads on it. I realised that when I turn off test mode and download the apk to my phone, I can’t use the app because it says that I haven’t activeted ads on it or something like that, which makes sense. But yesterday I read a post here saying that I don’t need to do the activation thing if I want to upload the app to google play. My question is, if I upload it like it is to google play, the error will continue to appear to everyone or will it dissapear.

Thank you!

If app is downloaded from Play Store then no need to approve from kodular and Ads will be shown without any popup or notifier.
If you have app on playstore but someone takes from other sources like shareit then it needs to be approve for ads from kodular

I recommend taking activation from Kodular too! Because there are thousands of websites and app stores that gonna share your app on their server without your consent.

The thing about it is that Kodular asks for all the credit card informations and I don’t know if I want to give it all like that. Dispite knowing that is a trustable website, it kinda messes me up a little so that is why I asked. Thank you!

Hi @Javardino_dos_Quintos!

You don’t have to provide credit card information if you’re just requesting for approval.

Please see :


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