Airtable get values problem

There is a another question .
I want to chose column data from airtable spreadsheet by getting row data . It works properly by using index.

But when I want to load data from column that I store by list …

In this i store list of some data in column subtitle …now of i want to load data of index no 2nd of list that I stored in subtitle …it shows error.

Is their any method to do this?

When you save a list in airtable it is saved actually as string in the form of (item1 item2 ...) so when you try to get value using select item list … index … you get error.
One way to avoid that is save data separated by comma , using join block and when got value split at comma and then select list … index For example


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Thank you so much . It’s working now …
But another problem occoured

When ever I try to get index 2nd of list(that I got from row) it must be substitle and index no 1 is title …
Sometimes it shows correct data …but sometimes it shows title on index 2nd and sometimes on 1st
I didn’t get it …please help

You should start over creating this test table. I see in subtitle column you have different formats so this will cause errors when you retrieve data.

I got row from airtable but it shows different index of data as of spreadsheet.

This is airtable spreadsheet data(Airtable Android app)
Here Data in first index is Post name and 2nd index is Post image …
But when I get row and it shows different index

See here …1st index is not same it shows mix indexes…i am totally confused now how to get proper column data
Please help me .
My spreadsheet has many columns so I can’t get all in starting of the app …it may reduce speed and I have one and only option is to get data of specific row and then get column data with index .
But it shows different index …please help me

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