Airtable column data to a list

How can I get data of a column from airtable and store it in a list and excess them using index?

Some tips:-

First work around you problems yourself

Search the community

Now, if you go ahead to component sections our can find airtable component, drag it to screen and then set it properties. Go to blocks section and select airtable and you can find the get column/data with index option too…

Give it a try :smiley:

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I have tried this but not working

Also share what happens when you test your app

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And make sure you have a proper link in the list , check data format

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It shows this.

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Hello bro,
First of all use a notifier in got column section so that you will get notified or get a sign that data came from database(airtable).
After getting notified then click on button to check element as may be you are checking your element before it get data.

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You aren’t getting any value from airtable.
Make sure to fill base id api key table name and view name correctly


Here is your error

The item 2 in your data base is empty, make sure you have data in you column also make sure the difference between rows and columns and if all that is right try to add index 1 for getting the list item 2 as it may start its counting from 0 not sure but try this and tell

You can have your problem also due to wrong baseId , table name or column name these all things are case sensitive make a good note on these things

Here is a Video that solves your problem,

Data Stored In Airtable will be called and shown in your app in ListView and also you can use indexing for that.

Watch the Video, you will need CoinTreeList View Extension for that I am attaching link to it here


Put a loading dialogue when screen intialize , and cancel dialogue after get column.

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