Airtable Index changed everytime

Yes. Issue is same now.
Shifting to firebase.

Can you give me aia to look at issue?

Ofc you could, but the best thing is to figure out what’s wrong and learn from it. I’m at our cabin now until Sunday. But I will try to see if I can download pictures of my login blocks from phone, and how I get users data with airtable. It’s not that many blocks, and it should not be to hard to change blocks to your needs from it.

I will have a look tonight and send when I have it, if I manage to do it from phone. It’s 7k blocks, so might be phone will lag to much in creator :see_no_evil:

Here’s the blocks I use to check if user is registered.
Each user does not have their unique ID, I only use email as ID. But that’s no big deal to change if you want to :slight_smile:

My users press a login avatar (picture). (Meny_Brukerbilde)
Then they will be able to pick their google account(email). (Google_Account_Picker1)
When user have choosen account the app will download all information. (Call HentBrukerData)
Then it checks if users account is registered. (Tilgangsmuligheter)
If the users choosen account is in list of global G_Account it will set the Index of that user to global BrukerLoggedInINDEX.
Then also set global InnloggetBruker to the users username by using the index in global BrukerID.
Then it will call LoggedInSuccess.
Image_Utilities1 will set profile picture to image instead of the login avatar.

My app is a family app with no more than 4 users. But the index of user is always the same with this method.
Hope this helps out, if you have any questions just ask :slight_smile:

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