Can we get Entire Row details (from Airtable) in column format in a list

Hi Helping Members,

I am creating a profile page for a user (which lands after the Login).
The User Details are stored in Airtable.

Upon Successful Login, the User is supposed to land in the Profile Page, where user gets to view the data that he has stored during Registering.

I am able to fetch the entire row details into a gobal variable list, however don’t have a clue how to show the details of the list in respective fields.

Appreciate the help received so far in previous threads…
Awaiting for the help on this topic :slight_smile:

First, you need to say how do you want to display,And how your airtable database looks like?So we can help you better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Mohamed_Tamer,

Thanks for coming to the rescue. Appreciate it :+1:t2:
The Airtable and is fairly simple, sharing herewith the snapshots


This is an example:
This might help.

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Something important.Do you have the raw number.if not.this method won’t work @Ansh_Anand :pensive:

Thanks @Ansh_Anand, :+1:t2:
Yes, i understand we have to take variables, however unable to understand the index values provided in your block.

What I can see from your table I can say:
1 > Name
2 > Gender
3 > DOB
4 > Email etc.

If they are jumbled you can just experiment tp know which index point to which attributes.

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Thanks @Ansh_Anand, let me give a try

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Index : they are usually numbers that identify something. In this example, the indices identify the columns.

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Hi @Ansh_Anand,
It seems that Airtable does not arrange the list in the right order of columns (could see a bug logged on it).
Though i gave the Index 1 in my block, however the name field displays “Male” :frowning:

Male is a Column Value .

Hi @Rogerio_Rios,

No, its a cell value.
The column is “Gender” which is in Index2 (as per my Airtable)

In my Block i had given the index1 (which meant “Name” column of my Airtable), however it gets me the value from the second index

The column name is a genre. The value of the cell in this column is male, and this is what you want to show and not the name of the column, friend.

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Hi @Rogerio_Rios,

In my blocks i am reading the entire ROW, and want to show the cell value in the textbox (Name), basing on the Index.

So, here (if you refer to my Airtable Attachment), i am fetching the first row entirely (based on Registration Number 12345), and want to display the name “Sai” in the Textbox =Name.

Just get the value of row list using label. You can see the indexing of columns from that.


Follow that. Calmly. The routine is very simple. There is no difficulty. Do it without anxiety. Read the blocks above and understand.


Sure @Rogerio_Rios, giving a try

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Hi @Ansh_Anand,

So you mean to search for the index number of the list, which matches a cell value?

That’s what I do bcz they are never in order.

Hi @Ansh_Anand

But in my case, i cannot hardcode it, since, the cell value will be an unknown , and it is the cell value itself which i am trying to fetch in the Name textbox.