Amazon Ads Causing App Crashes

I have made a App and it seems to work Fine but as soon as i add a Amazon Banner ad Its not working, it just crashed On me. I tried without the banner ad and it seems to work Fine but with banner ads its crashing immediately after the screen opens

b1 b2

These are my Blocks for Screen Init

Is there a Temporary Fix Or anything?

he friend i also have same problem !! do u find any solution plz help

I no longer use Amazon Ads because it Only Server ads in UK and Not in India so i dont use it anymore

can u help me !!! google ads are not showing in my app

It is Not Showing in everyone’s App. I recommend to Contact Admob and Send them your Ad ID, I have already Send them My ID and they will get back to me soon

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Should i use Facebook ads ? i am sorry but i am just a beginner:hushed:

They are reliable But You need to provide Your bank Details and Do all the verification at First for the creation of a AD Unit, It is more complicated than AD Mob. I prefer Admob because it is easy to use and I am really Familiar With it. Also You wont face a problem with Admob in Google Playstore while Other ads may Cause Issues

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thanks mate for helping me

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I found a Alternative to Admob Which Works Well

Tell me i really need one bro

Hey tell me

Try This Also You dont need to add any external Code in the app. Just Use and Upload your APK and add the App ID and That’s it Instant Ads

How much you have earned till now

I did not publish the Update yet but the average ecpm is 3$

is not bad for one million clicks 3 dollar.

Bro they don’t pay for CPM model
I think because revenue is only shown when user clicks a Ad

No its Different I think its for Impressions

its 1 thousand not 1 million lol

Have you tried applovin their ads are more interactive and also gives a high revenue bro.
eCPM can be upto 50$

Havent Tried it Yet