Android Studio, yes or no?

Hi there!

Most ridiculous question asked ever, but are we able to advertise our Android Studio applications on the Kodular community?


No no no no no and again no.

No you can not.
Kodular community is only for Kodular made applications.


Hello, your answer is ‘No’!

True :joy:

Nope :zipper_mouth_face:

Try promoting your application made in Android studio by other means… Like

  • Answering Questions in Quora
  • Facebook Groups
  • Telegram Groups and more…

Previously Google + helped me a lot in promoting my apps. But now it’s dead !!:pleading_face:

I think you know above ways but, I just wanted to say !!:sweat_smile:

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(A poll in the first post would be useful!)

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It is not allowed, since we are already warn users when they publish an app which built from Android Studio.

We need to be fair. So we are not allowing other’s Android Studio apps, we won’t allow yours too.

But here are some things to promote your app if you want to promote your app:

  • XDA community is right place to promote your app since they have a lot of users. Just create a topic about your app, you will reach more users. Because almost every app developer publishing their app in XDA.

  • Make a website about your app. So when someone search for app which similar to your app, they may see your website.

  • Publish an ad to Google Play about your app from Google Play Console.


we won’t allow yours too

I didn’t ask if I was able to do it, I asked if “we” were able to do it.

This is your topic.

Everyone knows already we are not allowing Android Studio apps:

But looks like you didn’t knew it, so I said for you.