ANRs & Crashes Problem

My App is publish in play store but my app is crashes par day 50 to 60 user
So please help and solve my problem and like this so may Destroyed my Google play console account

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What type of crashes?
Do crashes on app destroy play console account? :thinking: I don’t think so…

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I am also Surprised after reading this post how is it possible

Have you used push notifications in your app ?

Yes I’m using onesignal push notifications service

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Now I get it why your pp is crashing it’s because of push notification if you don’t use it in a right place then it will crash your app when you send notification

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my guess is, you did not follow tip 1 and/or 2


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The classic one :grin:



Yes i am using vertical arrangements and setup this block 20190319_061440
This is Right Setup block …?

You should close the first screen after opening another.
Plus, instead of using multiple screens you can also use Vertical arrangements as virtual screen by turning them visible or invisible.

I’m already using Vertical arrangements

Can you give link to your app.