Any issue with "share file with message" block?

“share file with message” is there any issue with this block? Actually the Sharing Dialog is not opening and even not showing any error.
(here image sharing link is an URL starting with http://filename.png)

The “message” will be shown when you click on an option I think, like Gmail

  • Try to share something in your assets and see what happens
  • Use Do it to see if your link is valid

well it is working this way. check the blocks

Yes this blocks are working :100:%

Yep this sould work. So the problem comes from your global IMG_Sharing_Link

But it’s a path for image bro

Dear, as I have verified, the direct image online URL ( won’t work in the Sharing file block. Therefore this is the way that working fine.

Of course it woks, because the file is on your phone after download.
I’m wondering if after shared you can remove the file :thinking:

yep! it can be deleted using file component

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