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I have checked with the command what you have sent me.
I think it comes out correctly.
However there must be one more error because I have done many tests even with another computer and it keeps giving the same error. I am not making progress despite your kind help.

Btw, When you get this, try by pressing update manifest and then decompile again

30may2020_2331.57: writing new .apk file:C:\Users\laura sala\Downloads\MultiPestRepellent_new.apk
30may2020_2331.58: I: Using Apktool 2.4.1
30may2020_2331.58: I: Checking whether resources has changed…
30may2020_2331.58: I: Building resources…
30may2020_2331.58: ERROR: The new .apk was not generated due to errors
30may2020_2332.03: BUTTON CLICKED: 2> Update Manifest
30may2020_2332.03: SUCCESS: Manifest updated: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\temp_myDecompiles\AndroidManifest.xml
30may2020_2332.03: Completed updates. If you wish, you many now update androidmanifest.xml here: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\temp_myDecompiles\AndroidManifest.xml
30may2020_2332.12: writing new .apk file:C:\Users\laura sala\Downloads\MultiPestRepellent_new.apk
30may2020_2332.12: I: Using Apktool 2.4.1
30may2020_2332.12: I: Checking whether resources has changed…
30may2020_2332.12: I: Building resources…
30may2020_2332.13: ERROR: The new .apk was not generated due to errors

You need A2M version 4.1.

See here:

See here (my A2M 4.1 folder, win7):


31may2020_1020.44: Your Platform: windows 7
31may2020_1020.44: Java Version: 1.8.0_251
31may2020_1020.44: AppToMarket Version: v4.1
31may2020_1020.44: Install folder: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40
31may2020_1020.44: Your data was loaded from: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\resource\config.txt
31may2020_1021.33: BUTTON CLICKED: 1> Decompile
31may2020_1021.33: ERROR: Unable to decompile your .apk file

No wonder it doesn’t work:

As I said several times you must update the apktool.jar


31may2020_1832.41: I: Using Apktool 2.4.1
31may2020_1832.41: I: Copying C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\temp_myDecompiles classes.dex file…
31may2020_1832.42: I: Copying C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\temp_myDecompiles classes2.dex file…
31may2020_1832.43: I: Checking whether resources has changed…
31may2020_1832.43: I: Building resources…
31may2020_1832.44: ERROR: The new .apk was not generated due to errors

Oh lady,
please take a close look:

and yours:


If I put the extensions, the apk doesn’t even decompile me … That’s why I haven’t put them on. I’ve done a thousand tests

I have to upload an app to the play store and it is a commission from a company, so it is not for me, so I want to sign the apk with a specific signature. If I upload the apk to the Play Store with the Kodular default signature, will I have an error? I have read that directly uploading the apk created with Kodular without modifying any signature can give an error and can say that it needs to be signed. That is why my insistence on putting a specific signature, for the possible error of the Play Store and also because it is an order from a company. I appreciate your help.

So rename them to *.jar and

double click on AppToMarket_v4.1.jar:


Friend, as I mentioned, if I put the extensions, it doesn’t even decompile me …


31may2020_1954.31: Your Platform: windows 7
31may2020_1954.31: Java Version: 1.8.0_251
31may2020_1954.31: AppToMarket Version: v4.1
31may2020_1954.31: Install folder: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40
31may2020_1954.31: Your data was loaded from: C:\Users\laura sala\AppToMarket_v40\resource\config.txt
31may2020_1955.42: BUTTON CLICKED: 1> Decompile
31may2020_1955.42: ERROR: Unable to decompile your .apk file

Sorry for the previous post, it’s now you should perform this

and try it 2-3 times if necessary

I haven’t used AppToMarket for a long time, as it is outdated, it adds stuff that are not needed and the most of all it doesn’t give you all the information of the error either.

Btw, why didn’t you use APK Editor Studio

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Try this:

and post the entire error message.

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It’s not working on her PC (windows version).

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… and post a screenshot of this:

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Hello Friend. I simply used AppToMarket because I have read here in the community that it is used by several users. I don’t understand much of this. As for Kodular everything is perfect and we have made several apps and learned a lot, but the subject of the signature resists us.
I cannot effectively use apk Editor Studio on my computer.
Friends, what difference is there between uploading an app to the Play Store with the default signature of kodular and your own? I just wanted my own signature because I have a small order from a company.

But I’m pretty sure that APK Studio Editor (portable version) will work on your PC too:

Unzip the file into a new folder and run