App Signing problem for a newly coded app


I just tried to publish an self developed/coded app (not any imported .aia) on play store. After app signing by google play i tried to upload my APK in the said folder. After completion of uploading an error pops up saying:

You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that is signed with a key that is also used to sign APKs that are delivered to users. Because you are enrolled in app signing by Google Play, you should sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a new key before you upload it

What is the problem and what’s the solution?

Leave the app signing program

Without app signing will there b any problem in future?

Did you imported project from another platfors ?

Already said…NO

You can’t disable Google App Signing when you enabled once. :thinking:

If above not possible, then you can do this.



Thanxx @Boban…Your method is working…

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