Attendance app using only 1 QR Code

Hello Kodular Community,

I need help. I wanted to build QR Attendance application. I done searching half universe on how to build QR scanner attendance application only using 1 QR code. By all means, the participants only need to scan 1 QR code, instead of having their own QR to scan.

There are tons of tutorial on how to build QR scanner attendance, but they’re using different types of QR depending on the ID number to make sure the uniqueness.

Thank you, Cheers.

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I’m not a professional but I’ll try!

Can you show the link you going to add in your QR code?

For ex.

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Welcome to the Community @Shariman_Saharudin

Hmm… the half universe is remaining then…

Create a QR with any desired text, I have used word attended

Basic logic

When users will scan the QR and if the Result/Value is attended then attendance will be marked. here I just changed the text of the label to show that. You can change the value in a database to mark attendance OR whatever you need.

You can also you some authentication to verify the users.


Tool.apk (5.5 MB)


@Maayur Great! Simple & effective :+1:

Off Topic :

  1. what if some students/user take the picture of QR code & start scanning at home/other locations without attending the lectures? It’s possible right!

  2. If the QR code scanned by some other app then it willi reveal the Data of the code (attended) & then user will make his/her own qr code and scan it!

It’ll be much safer if this work with location!
When QR code scanned & the user is within 100m range of this QR code then only his/her attendance will be registered!



We can make it location/time specific, so attendance will be marked on a particular location and time. Ex. white house at 9.00 am

We can encrypt the data !

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Yeah that will make the attendance system much safer :+1:

Thanks :heart:

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I suggest you to use latitude and longitude and all. Whenever they use qr simultaneously theses two valuesee also need to record.

  1. Fix co ordinates for the place where they have to scan QR and when they scan QR code , calculate the distance between the co ordinates of place of where the qr code displayed and the user place. So this will give you the exact value. Also ask the user to log in and give attendance. Allow login from only one devices.

QRAttendance.apk (7.9 MB)

This app is highly created before by @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki Credit to Him, Highly functioned App, But he can’t share it because he was silenced till May.

Sign-up page

Login page

QR page after scan



In mine I did:

  • groups
  • classes
  • teachers
  • students
  • school subjects
  • attendance list
    On the day and time of class, Teacher creates the class diary in a database, using 1 QRCode.
    Student enters the room and scans the QR code, making an appearance in class.
    “Click to be present in class”
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Can we able to customize the qr scanner camera?

Yep, use this extension


Hey Rogerio_Rios

Thanks for the sharing, amazing works and looks systematic!


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Hello Gowri SankaR.

Thank you so much for the tips!

I really appreciate it and so the Community!



Hi Mayur.

I have awaiting this moment for a decades. I’m going to try it! I might need further clarification later if my apps gone wrong… if you don’t mind.

Btw, Thank you for the stunning replies!



Hi knkiranjoshi !

Unfortunately, I don’t decided on where to bind the QR code, since before this I tried to make this attendance on Google Form and suddenly the universe gave me an idea to build an application even though my Kodular skills is pathetic.

If you willing to help, you can just drop a sample. I am happy learn new things!

Thank you!

P/s: Sorry I cannot mention a name because I’m new to the Community


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For a complete app, you need to create your algorithm and database. I did it right. Study + Effort.



You can use Online Database
For ex. Firebase, Airtable (1200colums/base), MySQL (not familiar with it) Google Sheet

Hi, knkiranjosi,

Oh, now I understand what you meant before. I’m going to use Google Sheet for this one. :relaxed:

Thanks for the suggestions, will try on both Firebase and MySQL later.


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