Auto Flashlight App

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Flashlight Auto ON/OFF
Muhammad Mansuri
In this app you can also manually ON/OFF the Flashlight.What is the mean Auto Flashlight? Auto Flashlight means if you are in that area/room where there is darkness(at the time of night). Then Flashlight ON Automatically.

App link will coming soon…

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Cool app, but is the flashlight on / off based on the sensor’s brightness? Because if it is, it will always call when you put it in your pocket or when you turn it upside down.

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@Chocoduba_BR Hmmm. Yes, it is working in background also. But if you clear cahe it will not work in background.
So, if you want to put in pocket clear the cache.

I find it kind of annoying to have to be clearing cache all the time, a tip I would give you is to use the cell’s gyroscope to detect when necessary. For example when the proximity censor is 0 (no object nearby) and the cell phone is not in the vertical / horizontal position (which means that the cell phone is either on a surface or in a pocket.

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App link:
Flashlight_Pro_APK_Aia_copy (15).apk (6.7 MB)
If there any problem/issue in using the app. Or any bugs please message here or PM me. And write your comment on this.

Well Sensibility is Not the Correct Word.

Or it is.
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

And ON OFF Button Don’t Works Correctly.


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Why it requires Camera Permission?

No it’s not.

It sometimes Goes mad
I mean it starts blinking flashlight

The manual ON/OFF doesn’t works correctly…
One click- flash ON
Then we have to click 4 times to turn it off.


Why it requires Camera Permission?
Because I have used camera component for flashlight.

No it’s not.
I think you have cleared cache.

I mean it starts blinking flashlight.
Because darkness is that type of. So, it is blinking.

The manual ON/OFF doesn’t works correctly…
Hmmmmm. I am working on it.
It will be done soon.

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To use Flashlight in Android, you need to give Camera permission.


The flashlight of a phone also comes under the camera permission.Only if we allow it we could control the flashlight


still improve the ui
nice logic


You could use proximity sensor.If it is high then only the automatic light shall switch on .Other wise it is false


Thanks @J.M.R_CREATIONS @Chocoduba_BR @Ekansh_Pandit for improvement in app.