BabySleep: App to help your baby sleep

What is the name of your app?

BabySleep: Duerme y relaja a tu bebé

Describe your app:

BabySleep helps babies and younger children relax and sleep. In order to do this, a large musical catalogue is used.

Audio files can be downloaded and listened to without an internet connection.

The music can be played indefinitely by activating the loop and with the timer the music stops when you want.

All music is copyright freeAll music is copyright free.


App Store/Download link:


Nice UI :+1: I like it.
Keep it up!

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Nice app with a good gui , awesome work, best of luck with that

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Nice work…

Which player do you use to play / loop the music?

  • TaifunPlayer extension
  • ExoPlayer or
  • Player component

And are you using KeepScreenOn on the play screen to work around / prevent the following issues?


I use the ExoPlayer. I’ve tried it on various phones and when I turn off the screen I can still hear the music. I have Android One on my phone and it works fine.

But it won’t work on a lot of very popular devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 etc.


Yeah, I noticed that when you created that post… hehe

I feel cheated…

My little cousin didn’t fall asleep :neutral_face::joy:

Nice app anyway!

then you can file a case against developer :laughing: