[BETA 5(bugfix)] Budgie - Browser App

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Budgie, Lightweight Browser App

  • Tabs
  • Dark And Light Theme
  • Search engines: DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, Yandex, Brave Search, Startpage
  • Settings: Search Engines And Home Url
  • New : Extensions
  • Dev Console
  • Green Theme Option (Allows to select if user wants green theme in dark mode or orange theme in light mode)
  • Custom Themes
  • Will Not Take ANY Information From You (Proof is at aia)


App Store/Download link:

Budgie.apk (6.8 MB)

AIA file

Budgie.aia (475.6 KB)

Creating Custom Theme

  • Create an txt file
  • Write theme info in there (make sure it starts with “,”)
Theme infos

TitleColor ~ Hex Color, Sets dialog title color
ProgressColor ~ Hex Color, Sets progressbar color
IconColor ~ Hex Color, Sets icon color of toolbar
StatusBar ~ Hex Color, Sets color of status bar
ToolbarColor ~ Hex Color, Sets toolbar background color
ToolbarIconColor ~ Hex Color, Sets menu (not toolbar) icon color

  • Move to /budgie/themes
  • Set “Theme File” in settings to your theme file name
  • Restart app
    Example Theme
    bluetheme.txt (80 Bytes)

How To Create An Extension

  • Create load.js and icon.png
  • Write code in load.js
  • Make an icon for extension (icon.png)
  • Move them to an folder and move the folder to /budgie/extensions
  • Open the budgie app

Publish Extension

  • Make sure its working if you want to publish your extension in “Download” tab.
  • Send me extension via “message” button in profile (send the files as zip)

Should i add extensions system to this browser?

  • Yes
  • No

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Extension system is added

themes, shortcut system is added in beta 5
also progressbar is changed(now gradient from white to progressbar color)

also please give me suggestions for next update

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It always gives an error whenever I tries to change the property settings like background color or anything… Please update the aia. Otherwise, great work.

it didnt give the same error but i will check aia when i get pc

Problem is caused when you download it. Try this one, modified original aia’s project settings

Budgie.aia (475.6 KB)

This part in project settings caused the problem

This one’s working fine. Thanks

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Another error :expressionless:

try in apk not companion (because it not gets list data from screen1)
or if you want to use companion open screen1 first