[BETA/FREE] Deeplink Extension Generator V1

Hello Everyone,

I am here with my new tool, Deeplink Extension Generator.

About The Tool

The Deeplink Extension Generator is a tool that automatically generates deeplink extensions for apps built on Kodular, App Inventor, and other Ai2 distros. This allows you to easily enable deeplink functionality in your apps to improve user experience.

A deeplink is a type of URL that directs users to a specific location or content within an app. For example, a deeplink could take users directly to a product page, onboarding flow, or other screens.

The Deeplink Extension Generator saves you time by handling the complex process of implementing these deeplinks programmatically.


Access The Tool (BETA)

This tool is currently in beta.
This extension works for the app downloaded from the Play Store.


Feel Free To Give Your Valuable Feedback By Testing this Extension


Sure, This supports 1 link with unlimited query parameters.

Also the domain’s host should be uploaded with AssetLinks Json, for Play store verified links.

Can you also try for adding more than one link s?

Thankyou for your suggestion,
I am looking forward to it. By the time you can generate multiple aix for different URLs.

Here you get it:

How to use?

please help me

pls provide aia file