Better description on Makeroid Store


I’ve posted my project on Makeroid store today (here), and i noticed that the description of the app is hugly !

At least the description should support line breaks! And if possible, that there are more options like bold, italic, underlined, list…

You can skip lines with the < br > tag, but it’s not practical and some people don’t know it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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<br> for line break
<hr> for horizontal line
<b>text</b> for bold
<i>text</i> for italics

<b> and <i> can be nested. These are just a few examples from what you requested.


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No one work except < br >
At first I thought that HTML was not supported since it was not indicated

The description editor need update

Q-Scan’s description has a lot of HTML (why not :joy:) but the latest Store doesn’t show everything now (at release, the description looked much better)… Hopefully team Makeroid can provide answers.

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Yes, I hope too :wink:

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I will allow a few more HTML tags for the descriptions

I have allowed these tags for the long description:



Thanks !
Next step --> a text editor like on this forum

< hr > doesn’t work :

Because you’re using the tags wrong.

What did I do wrong?

I have removed the HR tags, because it was not good visible which part is description and which part not

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You should use them like below:

<b>Hello World</b>
<i>Hello World</i>
<u>Hello World</u>
<s>Hello World</s>
and more…

The thing here is you need to begin with a <b> and finish with a </b>.

They are nice. :confused:

Yeah, I know, and that’s what I did.

No you finished some lines with <b>

No he didn’t, I just looked at the picture again and there is no ending tag like that besides <br> which starts a new line.

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It’s < br > (thanks @hammerhai )


Btw, you don’t have to keep adding < br > on the Community, you can use `` those, just add <br> in between those.


Thanks <br>