Block "NavBar Light Icons" (Darken navigation bar icons)

Hi, I would like to ask for a next major update the implementation of a block to change the color of the navigation bar icons also to the dark color, I know this is only supported from the Android 8.1, so I saw, but it would be up to Kodular users to develop a way to detect whether the end user is using android version 8.1 or not.

There is already a block in Kodular to set the color of the status bar icons to the dark color, but one is missing for the navigation bar.

Link of a topic related to this in stack overflow:

Example (A new 9-foot android navigation bar with icons darkened):

Is that a setup on Android 9 :joy:

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That’s just one example :smile:, the result, of course, is different on Android 8.1.

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It looks nice, it’s way better than Android Unnamed.

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Will be added soon.