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I did a project with Airtable and used the available Kodular range. I created my Airtable account and imported to my Airtale server my Access database in .CSV format.
But I could not pull all the columns fields at once. I need to search only the barcode of a product, and I want to bring all the data in the column of this line where the search was done.
I was able to bring it all, just by creating several SpreadSheet. But if I want to create a new Product I can create the product with all the columns in a single time. Why can not I just bring all the columns in a single query?
I did the project initially in Firebase, but my problem is that in firebase I could not import my .CSV Access worksheet. If I could I would leave it on the firebase anyway.
I need my Access system to always update the table so the kodular application is always updated the database because I work with sales and my sales system I did in Access.
It was already said here in another topic that I’d better do in Mysql, but I do not know how I would do it, because it has to be by API. If Kodular had the Mysql extension then it would be great. So Airtable would be an option, but how to make an appointment with a die and pull it all at once? Pulling one by one gets very slow, I already tested here. Plus I have a product register with almost 1000 lines.

No it does not requires Api.You have to upload and edit some files on your server and after that you can use mysql using web component. Here is a guide from taifun:

I had already looked at this topic and forgive myself, I did not understand anything at all.
Until I even downloaded the AIA but I did not understand. If you can explain me better, I’d love to.

I have here in my Access a routine in VBA that I can send the access data to Mysql this ready see below. But the problem and redeem in the application I want to create.

Hi @amigolojista,

Let me tell you some important things about using MySQL database with Kodular:

1 - Kodular DOES NOT access MySQL directly. The best way to make this is building an API using PHP.

2 - Creating an API in PHP you can do this:
. The app send a request to API (using Web.POST block);
. The API receives the request and executes the right command (SELECT, INSERT, etc) in the database;
. The API returns an answer to the app with a result, depending on the result of the command executed.
. The APP receives the answer to do what you have to do.

It really works (I have various projects in this way) but you must have knowledge in PHP and MySQL, in order to make everything in the right way.

So that’s what @vknow360 was saying about it. And the link he provided is a good way to learn this.

Hope this helps


Thank you @Kleyber_Derick for deepest information.
And I want to add that the best part of MySql is that you can use it without any knowledge about it like me just by practicing it.
I do not know about Php and MySql but I love to use it.
I have uploaded Taifun’s php file on my server and created MySql database.And now whenever I need to use it, I just open phpmyadmin and run an query and if it works then I use it in my app.

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My child understands PHP and Mysql, because it was he who made this code for me to be able to deploy in VBA Access. But he does not understand Kodular, so I’m going to convince him to learn Kodular, because it’s easier for him than I am already 53. I’m going to show him his answer and I’m sure he understands. And then I show you the (AIA) of the kodular x Mysql that the other friend showed. Thanks too for your help. If not a lot, since I have my project in Firebase. How would I import into CSV to Firebase my database? Would you give the consultation for him, too?

Well, I’ve been used MySQL. I neved used Firebase. I don’t like it’s approach in terms of security. Sorry…

PS.: I’m 54 years old… so we are partners… LOL

Some of my POS screens that I’ve been doing for 2 years in Access.

I think you have to manually add it to firebase because firebase only accepts Json and a CSV file is exported from spreadsheet database.
But you can do this easily using some blocks.
For example:
Get all data from airtable.
Since it is a CSV table text and firebase can only save CSV text so you have to convert it to CSV row text or into a list.

I like you, we are partners yes, and I have a lot to learn from you and everyone in this community. I have only 3 weeks of Kodular and just like Access I learned in forum here from Brazil and with their help I set up this POS that controls everything in my store. I did according to my needs, I now need to make this application and make it available to my clients and thus have the store in the Application. , and have the data updated and synchronized at all times. . So that code above.

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I even made the CSV table and exported it to Airtable, but I found the query slow because it brings one column at a time. I would need him to take all the data from the query at once. Note that when I send the Application a new product it sends everything at once and is fast. It creates the line with all columns, why does not it do the opposite?

Good. For sure you will get what you need in Kodular.

If you are already have knowledge about Web component in Kodular, so you must take a good look into the link @vknow360 showed you and try to do. If during this trying you have any doubts, post here and we will help you.

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So that I could query several cells of the same line in Airtable I had to create several queries


I’ll do it for sure and I know you’re going to help me, you’re very understanding. Sorry for the errors in the translation, because I am using the translator google, I do not understand ingles.Sou do Brasil / Rio de Janeiro.

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Hi @amigolojista, it’s great to see another Brazilian in our community.

I follow this YouTube channel where he teaches how to program on all platforms based on AI2. You can have a look there, there is a playlist about MySQL and other excellent topics…

and they are in Portuguese.


Me too… from São Luis - Maranhão


Good choice too!!!


Eu vi la o Mysql neste Youtube, mas nao vi Kodular + MYsql

The procedure there is explained using Thunkable, but I believe you can use it in Kodular.