Bromine browser (Complete Browser App in Kodular )

What is the name of your app?

Bromine Browser

Describe your app:

Bromine browser is a fast, safe & secure browser which is made with Kodular By (Ankur Bansal)

Bromine is a browser in which you access the internet. Bromine work normally like the others browsers but bromine has additional features, for example, Bromine Apps Feature it is a feature in which you access useful websites or apps without installing it or without using other third-party application.
Why you choose Bromine to access the internet
Bromine browser supports all search engines but Google is the main search engine of Bromine. If you choose Google then Bromine works Fast.

Bromine is the one of the Fastest App in the world and it has user-friendly interface anyone can easily use it without any problem if there is any problem to using bromine then you can directly communicate (e-mail) with us. We Support you and reply immediately within 24-hours. Bromine is the Professional browser in which accessing the internet is very simple. There are lots of features available in bromine which is described below

Features of Bromine Browser

User-friendly interface
incognito Mod
Day/Night Mod
QR Code Scanner
Voice/Smart Search
Tabs Button
Download Button
Full-Screen Mod
History Features
Share Current Website as well as app
Open Most Usable Apps just One Click
Settings ( I think there is no use of settings but setting button make my browser look good)
YouTube FullScreen Enable


App Store/Download link:

If Still there is any bug then Please tell me

Please tell me is there is any Feature left which a web browser has


Relly Good

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I don’t see why you cannot publish it to the rest of the world

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Sorry for this @joseph222
Now You can download it from any country

What makes the browser safe and secure?


It’s a good question @deanart2012
(simple answer) → Others browsers like chrome, uc browser etc saved your search data and serve data in their servers but bromine browser can not take any type of data from users


I can’t download in Portugal!

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Hii @Jovem_Programador
Thanks for telling me
This will fix soon

They are just websites. Other browsers can.

Which browser doesn’t?

I don’t think so. A nothing app is way faster compared in response time.

Well, nearly every browsers support these features.

Then makeuseof settings. Things which do nothing aren’t really good.

To conclude, I don't say it would be a bad app. But you describe your browser as a speciality when dozens of similar apps available.

i can solved

Well it is now trend to make browser apps.

Oh, I see.

Hii @Robert
You are right but this is my play store description and 95% apps which are available in the play store have such type of description.
I am new in Kodular so I decided to make browser app as my first app in Kodular

Hii @vknow360
Yes, Making a browser app is a trend because we can learn a lot from the browser app

Nice Job.
But there are a lot of browser apps in app stores.
So try to be unique.
Once again I appreciate your work.


Thanks @vknow360

Please give me AIA file …
I can buy this

You just revived a 2 years old topic. :confused:

looks cool (in google play screenshots)