Bug in setting Width

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Setting width is not working properly

Steps to reproduce the issue

take any variable of any number in my case its max device width…

Expected Behaviour

width must be 252

Actual Behaviour

but it is 251

Show your Blocks

Android version


Similar issue is already reported by @WatermelonIce here :point_down:

And also I think Peter has updated the issue with App inventor developers according to his reply there

Sorry that i reposted it!!

@Peter if this post is already reported then please delete my topic

This created a big bug in my tab animation :sob:

Sad to know that…Try any workaround if possible

trying something alternative(jugaad):joy:

Yes we are perfect in doing this :joy:


In Brazil , Jugaad = “Gambiarra”… …
I think that’s what they’re talking about … :laughing:


i don’t know how and why this worked


Rounded up …
251,3 -> 252 …

0.7* maxwidth(360) = 252.0

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