Button size isnt affected if shape selected

Describe your issue

button size isnt affected if button shape selected

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. add new button
  2. select shape (rounded,rectangle,oval)
  3. change size of button, example: “set width to: 150px” OR “set height to: Fill Parent”
  4. connect to live test companion to see result
    device: j7 v6.0

Expected Behaviour

button should be resized according the input.
note: working as expected just if shape = default

Actual Behaviour

nothing happend

Show your Blocks

no blocks just UI

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Rectangle is basically the same things as the default, the oval does take affect, it’s mostly the rounded.

not for me, i set width & height to Fill parent and it didnt expanded on all the screen.
i mean in the design viewer it looks fine but not when you connect the device to companion, button remains small and not expanded.
I did the same in ai2 and it worked well.

And is the issue still there on a real apk?
Companion is just a emulator.
Make “REAL” tests always with apk.

yes. on real apk its the same

I think I know the reason.
Iam current at vacation and will take a look to the code when Iam at home.


Sure, enjoy! :sunglasses: have a good time :tropical_drink::beer:


I have fixed the issue for next upcoming bug fix release.

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cuando se dará la nueva actualización??

Please write in english.
Else I dont understand you.

Esperamos sacar la versión 1.0.3 dentro de poco
La versión 1.1 aún tardará unas semanas

A week later… Did we already knew the release date? :thinking:

(And I meant that 1.1 will be in some weeks, not in one)

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great good to hear that!