Call data from firebase

I want to call data from firebase (image 1) to get the result like (image 2). Help me.
Thank you!

Do you want to get a key and content on a unique call?

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try this,

App response

(Note: set project bucket in the designer mode as empty)

it doesn’t work

Maybe I’m adding 2 different databases.

No way. If it says error mean either you did mistake or firebase structure may not be in the as shown in the above format.

If your Firebase is stored in the above format mean certainly above code will work.

See the error. I have called the Beepoit tag but your are calling the tag name ending with @. It is not possible in firebase. Firebase tag should not contain any @ and all. Kindly recheck your blocks and try to construct what I did to you

May be you are try to adding email as your Firebase tag… but sorry it won’t work.

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