Call data from multiple tables and rows with a single dynamic component, is possible?

Hi, I want to call data with multiple rows and tables in one dynamic spreadsheet component, is it possible?

Yes it is quite possible. First call data from each spreadsheet and store it in respective globals variable and then start to create dyna comp. Based on the length.

Is the length of the table are varying in each spreadsheet?

Hi, no, the length of the table is the same on each spreadsheet, and it also has few items. The question is, to call the data of each spreadsheet, can I include several in the same spreadsheet? For example several rows and several tables in the same spreadsheet component? I made the blocks and it doesn’t work. It does not save any data in the “descriptions” variable.

:confused: I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

I always prefer this method, for each spreadsheet I will create required global variable depending upon needed columns.

Imagine if I have 3 spreadsheets and in each 3 col was there mean(9 col so 9 variable), I will do one procedure , by using that procedure I will call values from each spreadsheet and will proceed

Mmm ok, well, I’ll try to explain what I want to do. I have some tables with the same number of columns and the same names but with different number of rows and different content in each cell. What I do now is call all the content of each table in dynamic components and there is no problem. What I want to do now is to be able to call from different rows and tables the data of some cells to place the generated cards in a “favorites” section. I do not know if I explained well.