Calling many Spreadsheet data and many TinyDB at same time

hi there …
I have a different question …
I have about 11 SpreedSheet in my screen and 2 TinyDB
Getting all these data in order , takes time
example : when spreedsheet 1 get data = set values then tell spreedsheet 2 to get data and set data then spreedsheet 3 etc …

my question if I made all these spreedsheets get data when screen initialize instead of making it one by one (like all does) that can cause problems in low quality devices or cause any another problems as I see in videos all does it one by one … but in my case it takes time to do that cause I have many spreedsheets which does different functions

You can use Google Spreadsheet to call all data in couple of seconds. It’s more time faster than Airtable. (3x Faster - Tested)


You may consider Cloudsheets, it has a wonderful service and those guys are extremely reliable, i use it too.

Its fast if you don’t want a completely updated data, you can just get the data of entire sheet at initialize, they offer many functions at a wonderful read and write speed

You can refer to thier website for more details :


Thanks for the kind words

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Aditya Chaturvedi,
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If you show the blocks , the problem can solve easily