Can I sell Apps made on Kodular to clients? Or work as freelancer using kodular?

Can I build apps on kodular and sell it to clients Or build app for clients as freelancer by kodular ? Kodular allow that?

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Yes, you can.

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Yes you can.

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What about branding of kodular in About menu can that be a issue?

You can remove branding by purchasing from Kodular Account section.
I recommend you to not to make unprofessional apps like Web2App for clients.
This is my suggestion to you.
Make creative apps for clients. You will find that interesting too.

Its monthly billing not one time. That too for each app. I will have to keep paying for it forever.
And thanx for suggestions. Will follow it.

I honestly think that if your app is professional enough, it doesn’t matter if people knows what you used to build it. Besides it will promote Kodular which you are using almost for free to gain more users and to have more income.
For my recent game, I made a splash screen like the one you see in games made with Unity. It says “Made with Kodular & App Inventor”. I was thinking “why not?” But it’s up to you really.


I think branding is not a good idea.

Why is not a good idea?

How does it look if you see discource branding in the community?
Android studio branding in Google app’s options/settings
This suits for free services, not for businesses like Kodular
You may say purchase to remove branding.
Yes, but monthly recurring billing is not fair.
It would be great if branding is optional without paying.

You can disable the about menu.

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How to disable it?

From Screen1 Properties.
Maybe by Unchecking - Show Options Menu.

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But… Is this allowed?

if it is available then it must be.

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Can you please show it?

You can find it in Screen properties.



To disable the options screen which shows kodular branding, you can uncheck that box.

Alternative Way-
Go to my kodular
Choose project
Click remove branding (it’s paid)

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I always prefer custom title bar :rofl:

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