What do you think about kodular comission system and branding

I love kodular platform more than any other platforms but i feel there few big constraints.

If I develop app for my clients. Then surely my clients wouldn’t want to share their ads commission with kodular or have kodular branding on the app.

And if I remove kodular branding or commission i need to keep paying kodular forever for each app.

Please come up with a way to assist freelancers. I can’t keep paying for my client’s app forever for which my client made one time payment!!!

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Personally I think it’s fair for what you get, although they shouldn’t increase the commissions and charges any more unless there are revolutionary new features.

As far as your situation goes, you need a new business model. You should charge your clients a one-off fee for developing the app then an ongoing fee for its continuing functioning.

Why don’t you just make ads free apps? If your apps are good enough, sell them, if not just give them for free.

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i never saw 1 branding on my app :man_shrugging:

Look at about menu section.

Just create a new about yourself, instead of using the default one!!