Can I send data to controller via UDP as byte set?

For example i need send this:


As I can do it?

Try this extension.

Thanks. But as I can send not visible bytes? for example I can send string “ABCDE123” its wil be convert to byte set 41 42 43 44 45 31 32 33. But as I can send not visible byte (as 00 01 etc.)? And I need send as byte, not string

And this UDP client extension not support UTF-8 encoded. I send string with russian symbols (“АБВ”). Each character is encoded in two bytes.
А->D0 90
Б->D0 91
В->D0 92
But via UDP client send 3 bytes only (D0 90 D0), instead of 6.

Maybe there is an extension that works correctly with UTF-8 encoding? I am willing to pay for this extension.