Can kodular create a geofence?

Hi, i want help Who’s making a tracking app? Can kodular create a geofence? That can alert when people leave the designated area
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Yes you can make.
But if you want to make it work in background, then you have to use Background tasks extension which is paid.

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thank you so much

Sorry, I’m just beginning. Still don’t quite understand, what is work in background?
extension would it be complicated?

When app is not open. Like a music player works in background when app is not open.
A tracking app may need to work in background.
So your app works in background and checks latitude and longitude and sends a notification

I don’t understand. Does anyone have any ready-made apps? I will study the code block.

You have to fetch current location of user and check if the user crossed geofence.
If user crossed geofence, then you have to notify the user that they crossed the geofence.

Background working
This works if the app is open.
If app is closed or cleared from recent apps, then it will not work.
Apps made with Kodular will not work in background. (No inbuilt component or feature till now).
But there is an extension to make apps work in background.
The name of the extension is Background Tasks.
But this extension is not free, You have to buy it.

What are extensions?
You can import extensions to your project and use them.
Extensions provide features which Kodular components may not have.


Did you succeed?

Geofencing is a different thing,
Google provides SDK for supporting geofencing in app, Geofencing is a way to get notified without running location sensor continuously and also to save battery

More about geofencing -

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