Can one include a List View Image and text element within a regular listview

This is what I am trying to do, but something isnt right.

The blocks work fine for a regular list picker. No problem there.

but now what I’m trying to is to…

  1. see if the phrase [NOT ACTIVE] is present in the string.

  2. if it DOES contain [NOT ACTIVE] - then it works as normal.

if it does not contain the phrase [NOT ACTIVE] to use the List_View_Image_and Text1 block ONLY on those WITHOUT the phrase [NOT ACTIVE]

Any ideas appreciated

Thanks, guys.

with [No Active]
And Without :
What do you want to do ?

[No Active] Do need to be added to the list and shown in Listview?

Or do you want 2 lists and 2 listviews?

Are you including all elements with [No active] and without, in the same list and is that list being shown in the listview ( mucipiliatiesforlistpicker )?

Ok, Thanks for that.

Some records in the database are marked [NOT ACTIVE]

I still want to show them in the listview as they are at present. BUT the items (records] without it, I want to bring special attention to those items by showing them in the same listview but only thus time as a card or in some other format.

Yes, your last sentence is CORRECT. I want everything to show just the ones WITHOUT [NOT ACTIVE] to look different.


Im going from a screen that (while hard-coded) looks like this…

to something that looks like this… and its not nice1

But it gives you an idea that where all the oter places have [NOT ACTIVE] as a suffix

PortElizabeth doesnt and thats the one (and others like it) that I want to add the List View Image and Text object to. (so that the “active” ones stand out!